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Getting to Know Diane Rotter

Diane shared this story of how they came to Aiken and why she enjoys Newcomers:

I was born in Chicago, Illinois and spent a good portion of my life there. When it came to retirement my husband Joel and I wanted to escape the snow and ice so began looking for a more moderate climate.

We started in Williamsburg, VA and worked our way to FL. On a visit to NC, we met a couple from our home town and they were set to buy property and asked our opinion. I said it was too remote from medical and the basics like grocery shopping. That made them rethink their decision. Back in IL a few months later I ran into them again and asked if they found a place and they said yes, Aiken, SC. Of course I said why Aiken and they said the magic!  My husband could find golf courses anywhere but tennis programs as extensive as those in Aiken are hard to come by. The tennis opportunities in the CSRA are better than I could have hoped for.

We moved to Aiken in 2009 and reside in The Reserve at Woodside. Living in a gated community I have enjoyed Newcomers because it gives me the opportunity to meet people in other parts of town I may not have met otherwise. I have especially liked the Couples Bridge Group and the Wine and Dine.

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